Oven Cleaning Van Gets Attention

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Feb 22

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We were talking the other week about the vans and how people react to them. When I started I got my first van sign written but eighteen months later we got another van and then another three and because there wasn't much time between getting them all we didn't get them all sign written. Then we got the second van sign written and we put on it a picture that I have used in a lot of local marketing campaigns: a picture of an oven gleam fairy. She has a wand, a shiny oven and she is wearing sun glasses. It really looks the business though today we don't use it so much. We thought this was going to look great on the van. But sadly it didn't and still doesn't. Yes we still have the van with the fairy on and now it is pretty faded. I have been meaning to get it changed but the van it is on is our oldest van now and I think well if I spend £200 on it how long will the van last? The other vans weren't sign written for what seemed like an age but when we got them all sign written it really made a difference in the number of calls we got from people seeing the van. Really we should have got it done sooner.

So the reactions we get are in traffic jams at the traffic lights people get out of their car knock on the window and say "Have you got a leaflet mate?". Or they get out of the car and using their phone take a picture of the van so they've got the number on the phone that way. All seems odd to me as why don't they just remember or write down the name of the company? With a plan van though we wouldn't get any of it. So a sign written van wins every time.

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