Oven Cleaning Van Ford Transit Connect Unreliable

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Nov 03

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Yesterday our Ford Transit Connect oven cleaning van broke down – the one here in the picture with the dodgy sign writing. The gear box wouldn't work. So we got it relayed by the RAC and to the garage that do our van servicing. Apparently, so our Peugeot dealer informed us,  the Ford Transit Connect has a common fault of the gear box going and it usually is the selector box. Today they confirmed this and to get it repaired is going to cost us about £550. We are also getting the brake disks and pads replaced so it is going to be an expensive garage bill when we get the van back tomorrow. So would you buy a Transit Connect – I really wouldn't recommend them in any shape or form. My other Ford Transit connect the van I started OvenGleam with: engine failed at 66,000 miles – replaced under warranty, engine failed again at 117,000 – van scrapped as both Transit Connects had engine failure within two months of each other!

So the history of our Ford Transit Connect that I bought new in November 2005 – turbo went and then three months later engine seized at 56,000 both fixed out of warranty – with the turbo costing about £1000 to replace and the engine £3000 to replace. And now the gearbox has gone at 110,000 miles.

Compare this with our 2006 Citreon Berlingo which cost about £3,000 less than the Transit and we have had also from new – leaking brake cylinder replaced under warranty. Currently at 117,000 and going, touch wood, well. Our Diahatsu vans both bought in 2006 have about 70,000 on the clock and we have never had a problem with them – well stickly speaking that isn't true as yesterday I drove mine into a low wall and the exhaust is now blowing on one of its joins – quoted £700 for the front section which includes the catyltic convertor or £156 for the back bit. I trying to get just the flange, where it is blowing, fixed.

Yes the gear box did cost £550 to fix, this was just sorting out the selector, they did try and upsell asking if we'd like to get the whole gearbox refurbished for £750 which we declined.

So now we just need to it go without problems for another few months.

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