Oven Cleaning Van Cast – Like a Car Cast but in an Oven Cleaning van

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jul 19

Well here it is my first video oven cleaning van cast which I filmed today on the way to my jobs. My wife is saying whats the point of it with some choice words thrown in, but it's a start and that's the main thing and to me it's a great first attempt at putting some sort of video blog together. It's been filmed in beautiful HD and I think I've got the sound right too. The camera position on the dash means that my head is cut off a bit so they can only get better.

I refer to the 'Daihatsu' Extol as a 'Daihatsul' Extol – it's living in Bristol that has done that – the old putting 'l' on the end of word ending in a vowel; it isn't something I would normally do – honest. The electrical problem with the Citroen Berlingo van that I refer to doesn't appear to be an inherent problem and I think it is due to the fact that the battery is flat because I left the rear compartment LED light on, last week, when I was showing an auto electrician guy how they were wired – I thought it was controlled by the van door but obviously not! Though when we phoned Citroen today they did say that there is a problem with the Berlingo van that gives the same symptoms, so it may have to go back to the Citroen garage. I'm going to get the van going and see if we get the problem again now that I've switched that light off.

The symptoms are when you get it and turn the key, all the dashboard lights up and nothing happens. The Traffic Master starts speaking to you and says 'if you want to call the emergency services press the button now'. To me this is confusing as when it's not working like this you think it's referring to the AA as they've called themselves the fourth or fifth emergency service in those ads. Last week our guy John pressed the button and the Police turned up. Today I didn't touch it.

But in all it was a lovely day today for cleaning ovens, and all went very well. Cleaning all those student ovens last week has turned me into a super oven cleaner.

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