Oven Cleaning TV – Oven Cleaning Dip Tank

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

May 24

This is the second video for my ovencleaning TV site. I talk about the dip tank we use and the system we use. Really from this you should get that our system is alot easier to use and a lot safer to use than the gas burner systems that other companies use. You'll be able to do job quicker and get more into your working day, which matters about 18 months into your business when your built up customer base will be looking to get their ovens booked in for cleaning and they don't want to wait!

So for  oven cleaning business videos by me. I can assure you they are getting better. This first three were recorded in January it was my New Year's resolution to launch the site. So launching now at the end of May is poor I know but at least I have got it up at last! So keep a eye on that site too.

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