Oven Cleaning Training Today

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Oct 18
I'm training a new person this week who is about to start his oven cleaning business. This is the before and after of the SMEG 90cm range oven that we cleaned this afternoon. It was in a right bad state, really 'minging'. Anyway two and half hours later the job was a done deal. It had self cleaning sides, which were black in burn on carbon,  and self cleaning fan cover at the back, which I dipped in our dip tank and I didn't realise that that it was actually self cleaning, as it was totally black in carbon at the start, until I got it out of the dip tank. We cleaned everything in the oven including the fan and all the really thick carbon around it. Luckily the there was a slide out enamel panel to protect the top of the oven (the ceiling bit) , so that was easy to clean. We also took the door apart and cleaned off all the grease inside – well not totally everything as like a lot of SMEG range cookers the door had an inner glass panel which wasn't accessible right in the middle of the door.


Anyway it all came up sparkling and gleaming in the end.


We then went back to the office and I ran through cleaning of an extractor including replacing the filter with a new one cut to size, our cleaning system, cleaning of aluminum burner pots, and finally using the electrical heated dip tank and health and safety of our equipment in the van.


I sorted out a problem with one of the guys who had been on course earlier this year. He had had problem with one of the electrical plugs on the lead to the tank. In the end I found a solution to this problem. He gave me a very good lead for a supplier of the products we use at a cheaper price.



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