Jun 02

Yesterday's day with our new operative. The first oven we  cleaned was in a posh cul-de-sac, in Congresbury, and whilst cleaning it one of neighbours knocked on the door and asked if we would give her a quote.  I did this and as we had two hours for our first job l told her that we could do it straight away. So I started this one whilst Paul our new guy finished off the second one. So two double ovens in two hours.  We were also were asked by another neighbour for a quote – we are going back there today to do that double oven. We then drove to Bristol and we did a job for a letting agent, a Stoves double oven, and then onto another job where we did another Stoves double oven. So very much a double oven day. Today we have another two double ovens and then its back in the office as we've got a meeting.



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