Jun 15

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This was last week now but I thought I update the other days on my blog so you can get an idea of what we covered.

DAY 2 of Oven Cleaning Training

Candidate Practical. A full clean of a student let oven, hob and extractor. I demonstrated the best way to clean thick grease off of a stainless steel extractor hood. Our method of cleaning gauze extractor filters, cleaning of a stainless steel hob, and cleaning of a stainless steel oven.

2.Hinges on this oven were the locking type. We did some practise of getting it off and back on and taking the door apart. I have found that one of the most difficult things to master when cleaning an oven is taking the door off and then taking the door apart to clean the inside of it.

3. Introduction to the different types of AGA cookers including the 3 oven AGA, the 4 oven AGA, the 6-4 range cooker and the 4-2 AGA module. Introduction to the AGA fridge range and quick overview of how to clean it as the outside isn't enamel so has to be cleaned accordingly!


The afternoon was going to be a full 2 oven AGA clean but when we got there it wasn't an AGA at all but a large Belling 'Farmhouse'  range cooker.

4. Practical – cleaning of Belling range cooker. It was good as because it was a Belling I was able to go through how to remove the fan cover, the fan itself and the self cleaning sides. I'm sure that the Creda is made by the same group that make Belling. The self cleaning sides were exactly like those in the standard Creda double ovens. The arrange was like a Creda double oven on the left hand side and then on the right hand side there was a single oven with different removal self cleaning sides – they just hung on brackets. The hob was particulary dirty and took a whole lot of scraping to remove the burnt on Carbon. So in the end a good training task.

End of day two.

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