Oven Cleaning Training Day One

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Jun 07

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Today I have been training someone who is just about to start his own oven cleaning business. Today was the first day of five days of training.

DAY 1 of Oven Cleaning Training

1. Course Introduction. Read through the oven cleaning manual and health and safety manual.

2. Health and Safety. A quick to ensure that the candidate was aware of the risks involved in oven cleaning and a walk through the safety features that we have introduced.

3. Set up of Oven Cleaning Kit. A quick look at the contents of an oven cleaners cleaning kit and what it consists of.

4. Introduction to the Oven Cleaning Dip Tank and Rinse System.

5. Introduction to the AGA cooker with an summary of how it works, how to use it  and a quick overview of how to clean it.


6. Demonstration of cleaning a single oven, and demonstration of oven cleaning dip tank and rinse system.

7. Candidate practical: complete cleaning a single oven with extractor and hob – supervised by me.

End of day one.

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