Jun 24

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This the next in my training course details which was a couple of weeks ago now.

DAY 4 of Oven
Cleaning Training

1. Candidate Practical: A full clean of a stainless steel standard single oven, stainless steel hob, and stainless steel extractor unit with stainless steel. I demonstrated how to clean a stainless steel extractor unit with paper filter. Then Candidate finished it off.

I then demonstrated how to clean the hob which was heavy in burnt on carbon and which was particularly difficult to remove. The candidate then completed the job himself.  I showed the candidate the best way to take the door apart and clean inside both sides of the glass and the things that were needed to be taken into consideration when doing this. I then showed him the techniques of how to clean the ribbed sides of this type of oven. I showed him the technique of how to clean the area above the grill element. Then the candidate cleaned the whole of the oven himself. It
wasn't particularly that dirty.

2. Candidate Practical. We went to the next house which was also owned by the customer of the first oven we cleaned today. The oven was exactly the same type and model. This oven was particularly dirty, the candidate did most of the cleaning.

Lunch – we went to a local shopping centre and bought some sandwiches for lunch.

3. Candidate Practical. The next job consisted of a Miele single oven, hob, and extractor unit and a microwave unit. I let the candidate do most of this job himself. I checked the work at the end and we had to remove the self cleaning sides and clean them manually to get a better end result.

Overall we achieved a lot today. We recapped the cleaning process of stainless steel, we went through the process of cleaning ovens with ribbed sides and we were able to test this out on a particularly dirty oven. The variation in the levels of the jobs, the dirtiness of the ovens showed the different levels of perceived dirtiness by different customers. I also showed the candidate that even at a slow pace of work – we had exceeded the timings I normally allow myself and my employees that a good turnover is possible. Turnover for the day was: £267 (if you think it should have been another £20 as you have seen our oven cleaning prices the reason it wasn't was because we did the extractor on the first job for free as I wanted the candidate to have experience of cleaning that sort of extractor).

End of day.

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