Oven Cleaning Tips with Sex Appeal

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Jan 11


Hmm can anyone tell me why this video has got all these views in just one month? Who said oven cleaning wasn't interesting! What did she say? Nice tips! Whoops nearly a typo there. Who said oven cleaning couldn't be sexy… 

Glad that even pyrolytic ovens need cleaning and that people are afraid of it; really its like normal self cleaning ovens people can't be arsed to read the manual or carry out the process. Not sure if she is saying is right about not using blades though. From what I have seen the finish is very much the same as that found in a NEFF or BOSCH and that cleans up very well with a bit of blade work. The only difference when you look at them is that instead of the normal seal they have a metal seal, like those found on commercial cookers and also the door is like those on a microwave – so the door is like the one on a NEFF microwave door.

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