Oct 17

We have had a couple more complaints and also someone reported that we had broken their hob stand.

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Stainless steel sculpture Begynnelse (Beginning) in Eslöv, Sweden, by Alexius Huber (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I went out and had a look, this time it was a different operative to the other one who had the complaints last week, and I first went and saw the broken hob lady. She said that she had seen the guy drop something whilst he was there, as there was a large clang and a mark on her pine floorboards and then afterwards when he had left she found the hob stand was broken.

I had a look at it and realised that the central hob hadn’t been cleaned, she told me that our operative had told her that we didn’t clean them! So I cleaned it whilst I was there and also had a chat to her about the hob stand. She said it definitely wasn’t broken before. I spoke to the guy and he said that it wasn’t broken and he would have noticed it and he had just dropped the oven racks. But at I still decided to order a new hob stand for her as I know that it is easy to miss that sort of thing if you aren’t tuned into it. So the cost of a new AEG 90cm hob stand was £82 delivered and it arrived today on next day delivery.

The thing about this is that I thought I had been in the house before and I also remember seeing, and trying to fix a broken hob stand before though I couldn’t remember if it was in this house. I had a look at our records and the oven was last cleaned four years ago by one of our guys but I wasn’t listed on the job with him.

Anyway we have had to take the hit and I will tell everyone in our meeting tomorrow to look out for this sort of thing and get it recorded if they see it when they do their pre clean checks.

The other complaint was a hob complaint too and she said that our operative, same one as above, told her that he couldn’t clean her hob as he’d scratch it. I cleaned it in 30 minutes.

This afternoon I spoke to the guy in our office and took him through a clean on our stainless steel hood and hob in our training room, and from this I learnt that he had never been shown how to clean stainless steel with Astonish or how to clean the hobs correctly!! So tomorrow I am going to go out on a couple of jobs with him and get it up to speed, his first job is a range cooker, and extractor so lots of stainless steel there.

Also I am going to make sure that we do a proper check off of our new employees as I do with franchisees to make sure that they know everything and are up to speed on cleaning them. As this guy went out and was trained by one of our other employees I thought he’d learn everything but clearly he hasn’t. Also this means I will now have to make sure I do a routine checkon all our guys, say once a month on each of them, to make sure that they are doing things up to standard and also in the correct way.

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