Oven Cleaning Rinse System Problem with Pump

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Aug 09

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This is for the guys who I have been on our course and I have fitted out there vans, so you might wonder what I am talking about. We have a rinse system in our set up which includes a water tank, a pump and spray gun. This is in addition to our plastic electrically heated oven cleaning dip tank.

So guys if you get a problem with your water pump here is how to fix it:

I have been driving our new Citroen Berlingo for the last few jobs which has our new system installed in it, the same as yours.

There was a problem with the rinse pump in that it was making a noise but no water was being pumped. As we have had this problem a couple of times now I know what to do to fix it. It happens when the water runs out in the tank, and then when you fill the tank back up it doesn't work; it just makes a noise like it should be working. If you take the hose off the outlet of the pump when it is working no water comes out.

To get the pump going again you need to suck on the pipe to draw the water through from the water tank and then hey presto it works again.

It is best to keep an eye on the water level of the tank. It should last a week if you don't go mad with the spray gun.

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