Oven cleaning problems with Slipping Racks on SMEG Oven

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May 05

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I think I've mentioned before that some of the SMEG single oven ranges have painted bits on the doors inside the oven. This means that if you use a shop bought oven cleaner with caustic in then there is a good chance that it will take off this paint and leave it a horrible white in colour.

We have also noticed that on one particular SMEG 90cm range the racks fall down for no apparent reason. One of our customers complained about a clean we did as they said that the racks in the oven weren't supporting weight at all and were slipping down after we had cleaned their oven. I went to look at it and did a re clean and noticed that this particular SMEG oven did not have the side chromed supporting racks that they normally have. It had ribbed edges into which the racks slid into (like the arrangement on a single oven in the photo here). And yes the racks were pretty useless, they were short by about two millimetres. I thought perhaps the racks had buckled in our oven dip tank, which looking back was a ludicrous thought as the oven works at a temperature of approx 200C and our tank is at approx 60C so if they had buckled they would have buckled in the oven. I tried to straighten one out and it broke which meant I had to order a new one. I only ordered one as I thought the other reason might be that the sides of the ovens had warped. The rack replacement cost was £50 which seemed like a huge sum of money. Anyway when the new rack arrived I went back to the customer and it fitted perfectly so I left it with them to order the other replacement rack. So if someone complains that their racks are slipping down on a SMEG single oven range cooker then the problem is with the cooker in that it has a design defect and to rectify this you need to buy new racks at £50 each from SMEG.

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