Oct 18

I was out last Saturday cleaning ovens all at one house. The clients were a couple who had just completed on a fabulous house just outside Bath near Limpey Stoke, and wanted the ovens cleaned as part of their moving in process. They had two single AEG ovens side by side and there was a microwave above them, next to a built in coffee machine.


In all in was a relatively straight forward job; people who inherit dirty ovens normally want them cleaned to ensure all the previous owners old dirt is out before they use them. Though the ovens look the same from the outside they were in fact different. One had self cleaning panels inside and the other one was all enamel inside with no self cleaning sides. Also I noticed when I took the doors apart the self cleaning one only had two panes of glass inside whilst the enamel one had three. Also the hinges were unusual in that you locked them and then the door slid off runners. And the other unusual thing about both of these ovens was that they had black racks. The side runners were chrome but the racks were black. I treated them carefully but really they didn't need careful handling as they survived everything I gave them. They didn't go shiny though just stayed black and clean!


I like cleaning ovens on Saturdays as the traffic doesn't seem to be that bad and it is a more relaxed day. For us we run one van on a Saturday as that is all the demand requires. Last Saturday Alan was covering but this job came in as a last minute and as the couple wanted the ovens cleaning straight away I took the job.

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