Oven Cleaning on a Good Friday Upsets the Vicar!

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Apr 08

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We send our guys their jobs by emails to their phones which means they don't have to come into the office each day to pick up their jobs for a particular day. We usually ensure that the jobs are sent out to them before close of business the previous day. This works very well and means that they have their day's oven cleaning jobs all listed on their phones with all the contact numbers, addresses, postcodes, and job details they need etc. Well, can I add to this, that it generally works pretty well but sometimes we get a small problem or two, when happen generally from our guys gets things wrong when they don't read the details of the jobs correctly.

Last Friday which was Good Friday one of our guys set off to work; someone had forgotten to tell him that it was Good Friday and therefore a Bank Holiday so he didn't need to work. He thought it was a normal working day and as he'd been sent the jobs the night before that's where he had to go. He didn't look at the header of the jobs though which was a big problem as if he had then it would have told him that it was in fact Tuesday's jobs and not Fridays. So off he went and knocked on the door the customer, punctual as ever he got there at 0900 am. But unfortunately the customer was a vicar and he wasn't happy to be woken up on this special day.

So lots of apologies all round and then having the bank holidays off as a holiday our guy had to go back there again on Tuesday morning this week to do the oven cleaning and of course he again arrived on time but this time on the correct day!

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