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Sep 20

Jerry, our new franchisee in the north part of Leeds, has started and this is first week. So things have being going well. He cleaned a Rangemaster on his first day as his first ever job and it went very well. The only problem was it was a posh gated

Terra cotta oven from Pompeii on display in th...

Terra cotta oven from Pompeii on display in the Science Museum of Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

apartment block where tradesmen were not allowed to work in the back of their vans in the enclosure, so he had to strip the oven down and then drive off site to finish of the clean. He did actually put the stuff in the tank whilst in the enclosure and the  security bloke, concierge, got in a flap that he was ‘working in the back of his van’ but Jerry insisted that he was just putting things into his van.  He drove off to get them out when they were ready. In the end he finished the job and got a very nice thank you, with a bigger than expected cheque, from the client who was very very pleased.

Jerry has been doing ovens every day this week and he has been phoning me every day to check with me the right procedures to clean each oven to make sure he is doing it right.

He also had an AEG Competence where he had tried to get the door apart by taking the handle on the door off. But I told him the right way to do it – it is a case of pulling on the inner glass as it is like on a spring clip and it just pops out – easy when you know how but it took me a while before I realised myself how to do it.

Today he had a SMEG where the bottom of the oven was very badly marked with scratches, which is something I have seen a lot. It normally has happened because people have put foil onto the bottom of the oven. As the SMEG has a heating element under this floor the heat make the foil very hot and it damages the enamel. When you clean the oven and polish it up it makes the enamel damage look like it is brand new which it isn’t, it is just cleaned existing damage.

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