Oven cleaning jobs in Cardiff last week.

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

May 13

I was in Cardiff last week and attached are the before and afters of the four ovens I cleaned. I cleaned two singles in the morning that were pretty straight forward. Then I had my lunch in Coffee Number 1 (a local coffee shop chain that do great coffee) and then cleaned two standard doubles that were a bit more challenging. And no I didn't finish early and beat the traffic so l didn't get home until six o'clock. So I left at 0800 and got home at 1800 but it is about an hours drive to Cardiff and I did take about 45 minutes for lunch which if the jobs were more local in Bristol I wouldn't have done.

The pictures were taken on my phone so not brilliant quality but you'll get the idea. Four ovens in one day with no particular problems, infact I also did a microwave at job 3. Job 3 was the dirtiest of the jobs and as it was a Creda involved a full strip down. When I get home and look at the pictures I always see a bit that I have missed! But in all the clients were all more than happy with number 3 being very impressed – a good feeling.



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