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May 14

Last week I interviewed some people for our job vacancy for an oven cleaning operative – with no experience required! We have  a process in place that has worked well for us over the years and we find that we can usually get a few people together for an interview pretty quickly if we need too. So we did the advertising and then arranged the interviews for Tuesday and Friday of last week, Tuesday because it had been the Bank Holiday weekend for May Day.

It started off very well with the first guy getting there at 0750 and doing a fabulous interview, with the only issue being that he already had a job and would have to give 4 weeks notice. Then the other person in the

The Interview

The Interview (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

afternoon slot didn’t even bother to turn up. We phoned him and there was no answer. He then texted the main phone number saying he’d got a missed call. We rang him and asked him why he hadn’t turned up. He said it was too far to get too. What he meant was that has he didn’t have a car he’d have to catch two buses, one to get to the centre of Bristol and then one out of Bristol to us,  to get to the interview and he couldn’t be bothered with it. So, so much for trying to give a local Bristol youngster a job – he was 19.

The next interview day things went okay but one person, a lady who this time was in her late thirties didn’t turn up for the interview – again we left her a sarcastic message on her phone and this time she didn’t reply at all. The two that did turn up were okay though one had some points on his licence and the other one was as my wife and our office manager put it ‘lovely’. So I arranged for him to go out with our operative Matt the next day so that he could have a look at the job and decide whether it was for him and asked Matt for some feedback. Apparently the guy got stuck in, asked the right things and Matt liked him. Today I got an email from him saying that he was keen to get the job.

So today I did a couple of reference checkes and then I offered him the job and he starts on Wednesday of this week. So this week it means that I am going to be doing a couple of days training, and then then I am going to put him out with the other guys to get some more experience before letting him loose on his own, which should be in about two to three weeks time all being well.

I’m keeping the first interviewee in reserve just incase something happens…

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