Oven Cleaning in Difficult Conditions

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Aug 17

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We get to clean ovens in strange locations, for example a common one is in the garage whilst the kitchen is being refitted; the customer wants it clean to go back into their new kitchen. I've also cleaned an oven in the hall as that was where it was, again, whilst the kitchen was having a refit. I've also cleaned a Rayburn Royal (it just looked fanstastic when it was finished as it was a stunning pillar box red), a Lacanche range cooker, and several standard double ovens before they were sold on Ebay.

We often get gallery kitchens where you can just about get the door down on a single oven. That is the space between the kitchen cabinets on one side of the kitchen and the other side is just a bit bigger than the length of the door. It means that to clean the oven becomes pretty difficult too as if the door doesn't come off then it's a case of cleaning the oven from the side.

Also a lot of the time customers will have their washing machine on whilst we are cleaning the oven which means that you are working next to a heat source that makes cleaning that much hotter.

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