Oven Cleaning Glasgow Christmas Rush

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Dec 04

Well I’ve been out cleaning ovens for a week now, as it is the Christmas rush and I did volunteer.  Last Wednesday I cleaned a two oven AGA, which was a tough job, and a double oven, hob and extractor which WAS a very easy clean. On  the

Glasgow North (UK Parliament constituency)

Glasgow North (UK Parliament constituency) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thursday I cleaned a four oven AGA and a double oven and then on Friday I cleaned a single oven and a double oven and extractor starting at 0815 so I could do both and get back home by lunchtime. I had to get home as in the afternoon I caught the 1505 EasyJet Flight from Bristol to Glasgow. Malcolm Clark our franchisee there met me at the airport and dropped me off at the hotel.

The next day we had a 0830 start and our stand was set up on the Helensburgh sea front with 49 other stalls in the Helensburgh Christmas Festival 2013. So we chatted to people and by the end of the day  at 1600 Malcolm had booked in 11 people for oven clean appointments of which one of those was a four oven AGA. So a very good day. For Oven Cleaning in Glasgow North covering Helensburgh please phone Malcolm on

0141 280 3003

On the Sunday we started at 1130 as the Santa Dash (hundreds of Santas going for a run along the sea front) got priority and Malcolm had a couple of bookings on the day. I had to fly back so I had to leave at 1400 and I got home by 1800.

On Monday of this week I cleaned a single oven and extractor, then another single oven and extractor and then a double oven.

I didn’t do any cleaning on Tuesday and today I’ve been out and cleaned a double oven range and a standard double oven.

Every one is saying I’m a lot happier, which is true as I really love oven cleaning and I think I may change my schedule for next year so that I do at least two days a week oven cleaning to keep me and everyone else happy!

We are still smashing our record of turnover with last week being another record week.


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