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Hello ny name is Graham Rogers and welcome to my oven cleaning business blog. I have been writing this blog for four years and as of February 2012 this blog has had over 70,000 page views. I have written about most of my experiences and frustrations with regards to my oven cleaning business. We have grown from just me in the van to now having five vans. I still regularly clean ovens and AGA cookers.

Since October 2010 we have been selling franchises and so now this blog includes franchisee training and experiences too. Also there is also an emphasis on AGA cookers in this blog as I’ve had one in my house for 15 years, love them,  and it was really the main reason I started this business back in late 2003 early 2004. So why don’t you join us?

Graham Rogers June 2012


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STEP FOUR: Give my wife Catherine, a ring in the office. She will then send you a detailed map showing an example of your terriorty in your area, and the current real returns and projected return our pilot franchise is getting in Berkshire. Have a look at what we are offering and then and make an appointment to come to our office meet us, see our system, see if it is right for YOU. Bring your wife, husband or partner along so they can check us out too.

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