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Jun 21

Here is the new video showing our van fit out in the rear compartment, which I think is the ideal fit. It is a frequently asked question and I am currently doing a series of these videos. I pronounced Polypropylene wrong and I stumbled a bit on trying to say that I think the OvenGleamers fit out is the best one for a professional oven cleaner.

This is the video that made me go and weigh myself! So in a few months I’ll look thinner again, but don’t you worry about that the content is good. The things you need to note are:

1. We use an electrically heated dip tank that is insulated.

2. Our system is the fastest in the market place in that the solution stays hot all day after an hours charge up at the beginning of the day, with the note that there is a secret to keeping hot – I’ll tell you if you come and see us. Because of this you can get more jobs done in a day with less work (i.e no work on the racks when you take them out of the tank, no turning on burners like a gas system, no having to stay with the van to make sure the flame doesn’t go out) which means that you can either make more money or spend more time at home with the kids or get down to the golf club.

3. The back area is lined and has plastic welds to keep it as water tight as possible, though it still isn’t one hundred per cent tight as we had water seep, just a mere trickle, into the middle compartment last week – I think my lastest van fit the new build with the tailgate – not the one in the video above will solve this as we have done the bottom welds differently. The plastic lining is easy to maintain and you can keep it looking like new with just a wipe out each day. The role of the lining is to keep the van as good as new under the lining for the whole life use as an oven cleaning van

4. We now order tailgated versions of the Mercedes-Benz Citan van as our Franchise Partner vans. Look out for the videos.

Really the lined area is really fabulous our original vans had just a ply partition and nothing on the floor or sides of the van and over the years the finish on the van has now disappeared, and its really difficult to keep up to any standard. Also water seeped regularly into the middle compartment, and at one time in my origin van I managed to get all the contents of the tank into the drivers foot well at the front of the van.

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