Oven Cleaning Franchise Show Newcastle Upon Tyne and Middlesbrough

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Feb 16
Gateshead Millenium Bridge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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We are getting a lot of interest in our Franchise Opportunity and I have been taking interested parties out to show them how our processes differ from other companies. Really I think this is going well and we are starting to become slicker at doing this.


After our last Franchise Show in Milton Keynes we have had a rethink and after some excellent advice from an established Franchisor, with an extremely large network of franchisees, we have decided to do do things differently. So this has meant a few changes to make sure that we are offering a unique oven cleaning franchise opportunity. We are now offering franchises from £7995 for 100,000 households and then offer bigger areas with additional costs. The reasoning behind this is that we have been operating a multi van oven cleaning company for five years now and have gone through the hoops to learn how to do it well. So that is our main strength and we are in a good position to offer advice in support in this area. So our basic package which is £7995 + VAT  is really designed for a single van, but is also large enough to offer a multi van opportunity. Bigger areas will of course offer even bigger opportunities plus will allow franchisees to be a position of ownership of larger areas where they will themselves have the opportunity to sell off areas. That is they will be able to split their own areas and get an income from this.


Our next Franchise Show is going to be in Newcastle and Middlesbrough – and we are launching our newly named franchise arm called OvenGleamers. This will be our protected name and our franchisees will operate under this name.


So for Oven Cleaning Franchise Show Newcastle and Oven Cleaning Franchise Show Middlesbrough put the dates 8th and 9th of April in your diary. It's at the Middlesbrough Football Ground on the 8th and then Newcastle Race Course on the 9th. So don't say I haven't  given you fair warning of this, this time, and we of course, we will be delighted to see you.


I have already set up a Franchisee Page, for a Newcastle Upon Tyne, on my website, and currently after only setting it up a few days ago we are ranking in position number 8 if you put in 'oven cleaning newcastle upon tyne'. See Oven Cleaning Newcastle. I going to try and get to the top by the time of the show.

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