Oven Cleaning Franchise Loans from Lloyds TSB

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Feb 10

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In the past few weeks a couple of our potential franchisees have seeked advice from Lloyds TSB to see whether they would give a loan towards the cost of starting a franchise with OvenGleamers. Intially the response from the Franchise Team at Lloyds TSB was one of a negative nature, they said "sorry we have never heard of them".

As Lloyds TSB have been my company's (The Oven Gleam Team Ltd) bank, since incorporation back in March 1996 this was a bit puzzling, so we contacted the right people and spoke to the main man and Lloyds TSB have told us that they were very impressed with our business, our paperwork including franchise agreeement, think that our business model is a viable one and will offer loans to people interested in an OvenGleamers franchise, which is very encouraging and welcomed.  

So we also recommend Lloyds TSB as the bank to bank with to anyone looking to be a franchisee with us.


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