Oven Cleaning Franchise Animation Video

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Nov 14

This is the new video animation for our Oven Cleaning Franchise Opportunity highlighting the main benefits to you of our franchise opportunity over other oven cleaning franchise opportunities and starting on your own. Look out for George’s pink slippers. Nice! Also I’m in it, strange with no ears though! This video was professionally made by a company that does these films, so not cheap but hopefully it will get the message across to you why we are different. I helped to write the script, so some of the funny bits were written by me, for example the no need for the gym bit. I’m trying to tell you it’s hard work!! Note I didn’t write the bits about the women kissing the OvenGleamer, in fact I have never been kissed by a client. The lovely dovey bit was in there to contrast against Jack’s lack of progress with customers, so I hope you’d get the idea that you’re be loved rather than scorned with us.


The main benefits of our franchise opportunity is:

1. The dip tank stays hot all day. Because of ‘The Secret’ we can keep our tank hot all day – it involves being able to secure the lid so that it is water tight so that gives you a clue, and the way the tank is insulated. But as the tank stays hot all day it just means you heat up in the morning for about an hour (if you are using it on daily as it retains its heat overnight too) and then it stays hot all day. So no heating up at each job for you, no running cables out, no heating up of dip tank with burner units, and you don’t have to worry about naked flames and the potential dangers of this. Saves you lots of time and means you can do a thorough job and have extra time to book more jobs in or go home, go and play golf, or go and pick the kids up from school. For us you need to do the tank heating up ONCE EACH DAY at home where you can control the safety and BE SAFE, NO trailing cables and NO live flames, and boiling hot tanks, outside of clients homes where there are unknown variables is a NO NO for us. It still surprises me that people buy burner systems with the issues of safety, a fellow oven cleaning franchisor told me the other day they had been banned in Australia as I’ve just seen a new video of a franchisor in New Zealand using a gas system I doubt it but it wouldn’t surprise if it were true.

2. The Bookings for service. If you  have seen our new office, which is quite large, we are all kitted out and prepared for rapid expansion with enough space to employ ten people to handle calls from our network. We currently take our franchisees calls, give quotes and book the jobs straight into the franchisees schedule. Our aim is to have a proper service nationwide where we can answer calls and be able to book the clients appointments out doing our competitors slow systems. It means we can get the calls for you before, and make the appointments, before your competitors, and you don’t have to worry about taking the jobs whilst you are cleaning or having to call back people in the evening.

3. Our on going training and support. I’m more on the technical side so I can answer nearly all your oven and AGA cleaning questions for example I’ve had five calls in the last two days from franchisees asking me about how to do things, from how to clean a ‘gold AGA cooker’ to ‘is it okay to dip the hob racks on a certain oven’. I also deal with the internet marketing myself which means I deal with Google Adwords (I’ve been doing them for ten years now) for our franchisees, landing pages, and local area websites, professional videos (in our new film studio) and video optimisation, Bing advertising and Facebook marketing. My wife does the business training and ongoing mentoring. We run monthly webinars and quarterly meet ups for a days training at our office where we now have a proper training room. It means we will help you to grow your business. For example, my wife Catherine, has just found a really fantastic idea to grow our customer base at low cost. We are sending out the info to our franchisees as I write  this. I am currently close to implementing a list of ten things, that a national marketing company is charging small businesses owners £10K to implement into their businesses, for our franchisees.

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