Oven Cleaning Dip Tank With Propane – Safety

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Jun 28


This is a gas barbecue safety film. I think though another way to describe this video is to ask: "Gas burners for oven cleaning – why have them?"  I know the main oven cleaning franchises use them so there are a lot of oven cleaning vans out there with them but really this originates from the fact that they have always used them since the early 1990s. Once you have a system set up in a franchise model it is very difficult to change it.

I'm putting a video together for my ovencleaning.tv site on using burners for oven cleaning and what safety precautions you need to follow. Oven Cleaning companies use them because they are relatively easy to get hold of. We ourselves as a company don't use them; we use plastic tanks that are heated up electrically. For our arrangement there is a risk of people tripping over the lead whilst it is plugged in to your house at night, or early in the morning,  but if you have an off road parking space (all the guys who work for us have – it's something we ask them before they start) then there isn't a problem. Once our tank is heated up at the start of the day then that is it for the day, the solution stays hot, there is no more heating of the tank, and there are no safety risks to the operator or the general public, even when the operators are rushing to fit in as many jobs as possible in a day.


Contrast this with the gas burner arrangement to heat up a metal dip tank or tray, operators are heating up at each jobs maybe 3 to 4 times a day, some are leaving the van unattended whilst there is a live flame inside, some even driving with a live flame in the back heating up the solution as they drive between jobs. It really is this crazy. I was in Cardiff a few weeks back and there was an oven cleaning van parked up with an A-Board on the ground next to it. The sign said "warning there is a live flame in this vehicle keep away". That is something to re assure you isn't it!


The main thing as far as I can see, is make sure that the connection to the propane gas bottle is properly connected and regularly tested for leaks – apply some soapy water to the connection points and look for bubbles. Ensure that checks are carried out often, if you buy an old oven cleaning dip tank from Ebay replace the supply pipe and regulator with a new one. If you are heating up you really need to stay with the van to ensure the burners are kept safe. The other safety issue I have noticed is the failure to secure the propane or Calor gas cylinders in the vehicle properly, so ensure that your gas bottle is secured with a strong strap whilst you are driving between jobs.

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