Jan 12

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At this time of year we can get problems with the water pump in our vans. Because it is plastic if the cabin gets too cold and the water freezes in the pump then that can be the end of the pump. The plastic casing of the pump splits and it is a case of getting a new pump. To get around this problem we wrap up the pumps with insulation – we buy the fibre glass in plastic from B & Q. Or if the van is going to be left for a few days we disconnect the pipe from the supply tank and get all the water out of the pump by spraying out what is left in the system giving a dry pump.

Also now our franchisees have come up with another way to ensure that the cabin stays warm – putting in a small 40W heater that you plug in to the mains and it keeps the cabin nice and warm. They are quite cheap, about ┬ú14 from Ebay.

Really for us with plastic dip tanks that is our only real problem when it gets cold but if you are an oven cleaner with a propane or gas burner set up then you are looking at some big problems when it gets cold as the burners freeze up and then heating of the solution can take hours and really you just can't get anything done, the racks just don't get clean. So perhaps a little heater might sort this problem out for you too!

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