Nov 18

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At our regular weekly meeting last Thursday it became apparent that one of the vans tanks wasn't heating up at all. It meant that we had to rearrange the jobs for the day for that van. The problem was the heating element in the dipping tank fitted to the van was tripping the electrical circuit in the office.

We checked the element and it had completely 'gone' and needed replacing. So on Saturday I removed the tank, fitted a new element and then put it all back together in the pouring rain. It was a bit tricky in parts as I had to get the tank completely out of the van to get leverage on the element to remove it. To do this I had to unbolt the fixing bolts, get the tank out ,then put the new element in and then bolt the tank back into the van. To do this bit needed a bit of effort but I got it all sorted out in the end. So at the end I was soaked through to the skin but it had to be done.

Today we have put the same van into the garage get a wheel bearing fixed. Now the van is fixed and I will use it tomorrow for a full day's work.

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  • Andy

    Yes I attended an oven cleaning course registered with TAAOC but was never told about the hazardous effect of cold weather to the equipment in the van. I wish I had been told as part of my training that it was imperative to lag the pump or disconnect the hose as not only have I lost out on a lot of work due to the snow but now have the added expense of purchasing a new pump, with the original only just over a year old, from the person who could have informed me of this in the first place ! Very annoying. I wld be v grateful if anyone can provide details of someone in the kent area who could supply & fit as soon as possible!

  • Hi Andy, The pumps are easy to source. Just put the model number into Google. I got one the next day last year when one of our pumps broke. Also afterwards I discovered that you can actually buy individual parts. So for example on ours one of the outlet pipes had broken and I could have actually just bought this part rather than the whole pump. Replacing the pump is easy it is just a case of disconnecting the electric supply cables, undoing the jubilee clips, removing the pipes and then removing the philips screws that keep the pump of the board. Then you put the new pump back in so that it is in the same position with the outlet pipes facing the same direction and then re connect the electric cables. If you are stuck and you can’t get the pump fixed quickly you can do what I did and that was to carry a watering can around with me and use that to do the rinsing. We now have all of our pumps lagged. I got the lagging from B and Q for about ┬ú3 for one sheet which was enough to lag four pumps. If you really get stuck try the person who trained you, see their supply site

  • Hi all, there is also now an entry in our oven cleaning manual that I provide to all people trained by my company called ‘lagging the water pump and keeping the rinse water tank from freezing’