Oven Cleaning Complaints

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Oct 09

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We do get complaints but they are rare but we've had a couple this week. It is our normal practise to go back and carry out a re clean.

The first one was an easy one to deal with. We had someone who left a message asking us to ring her back and when I rang her she said sternly: "I've got a complaint. The complaint is that I can't have Nigel in my kitchen all of the time! He did some a fantastic job and I want him here all the time'. I didn't say but would  have liked to "Thanks for this but he works for us and needs to make a living". I did say: "Oh, thanks very much that is very much appreciated". As we have a weekly meeting with team I pass on all the good messages to the guys.

The other complaint in the last week was from a letting agent saying we hadn't cleaned an oven and a fridge freezer properly. The fridge freezer hadn't been cleaned properly (with some crumbs in one of the drawers) and an oven with grease on it.

I went back to have a look and all I did find four crumbs in the fridge freezer, which I removed,  but the oven was perfect. The fridge freezer clean had been difficult in that the fridge freezer was a mouldy mess before I started with rotting food
in the compartments and, as it had been turned off, water dripping from
it and trays puddled in water and water pooled on the floor below it, and also everything was mouldy. I cleaned it
thoroughly taking all the trays and shelves out, washing the whole of
the fridge and freezer using a steamer to sanitise it, drying it and
then wiping through with ant bacterial cleaner and then doing the same
to the shelves and trays before putting them back. So I'm not sure how the crumbs got there.

So for this complaint I was unable to resolve it as I wasn't really sure what the problem as it all looked very good to me.

Sometimes there is a breakdown in communication between the landlord and the letting agent. So this complaint is to be continued… I'll let you know.

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