Oven Cleaning Company Scratched My Glass Door

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Aug 14

In my role of dealing with complaints this week I have gone and seen somebody about scratches on the glass of their main oven door after we had cleaned it.

This is the first time that anyone as ever complained about this so I was interested to see what the problem was.

English: Pyrolysis oven with coating hooks. Th...

English: Pyrolysis oven with coating hooks. These hooks were cleaned inside the pyrolysis oven. Nederlands: Pyrolyse oven met ophanghaken op de kar. Deze haken werden gepyrolyseerd in de pyrolyse oven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We cleaned it last week and the lady said that afterwards when the afternoon Sun was shining through the window you could see that the glass was scratched. So this can mean that as the oven had been cleaned the Sun shining on it highlights the scratches that were there before and as they are now clean they become very obvious.  Glass on oven doors does get scratched by use over a period of time and some of the older ovens I have cleaned and been really scratched badly. But this lady told me that the oven, AEG Competence, was only a year old and she had never cleaned it herself  so it had to be us. I had a look at it and it was definitely scratched, I agreed to replace it with a new one and I ordered it when I got back to the office. Interestingly the price on Espares was about £100 more than the price from AEG directly.

I spoke to the operative and he told me that he had used a steel scourer on it and this is what must of scratched it. We don’t normally use the steel scourer and our normal process would have been to take the glass out of the door and dip it in the tank in the van but he told me that as the door ‘wasn’t that dirty’ he had use a cloth and then used the steel scourer to pick off some of the stubborn bits.

So we learnt something from this, I know that on newer glass doors, if the glass comes out as a unit,  I tend to to treat them as ‘eggs’ and just dip them in the tank and then dry them off and that is it a perfectly clean glass without using anything else.

I told our employees in our meeting that afternoon to be careful with these types of doors especially if the door is reasonably new, so hopefully we won’t get any more of these.

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