Oven Cleaning Business Van – Do not buy the Citroen Nemo

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May 24

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I have mentioned before that I don't think the Citroen Nemo (Also badged as the Peugeot Bipper, and Fiat Fiorino vans) is a suitable van for oven cleaning as its too small to get all your stuff in. Also on the top of the door at the back the metal bars that the door catches into sticks out and you'll be forever banging your head on it. Believe me  as our Ford Transit Connect has a similar arrangement and I've had a few head bangs on that.

But another reason, which you may have missed, which was reported in the press, I think, last week was the fact that the Cirtroen Neemo falls over very badly at speed. YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE THIS VIDEO Citroen Nemo Fails European Moose Test. This test is designed to check to see how stable the car or van is – the van is driven at speed and then has to swerve to miss a cone – so emulating missing a moose that has wandered on to the road in front of you. It failed the test, or I should say that the car variant of the van failed the test and fell over. The Fiat variant with the stability control costing £350 passed but the Citroen Nemo and Peugeot Bipper car variants failed and the stability control isn't available in the UK on those cars. I am almost certainly sure that the vans won't have it either. So would you really want an oven cleaning van that has a very good chance of falling over?

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