Oven Cleaning Business Good Start to New Year

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Jan 28
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We have had a good start to the year and for January we have been still had lots of bookings here in Bristol. In the first week and second weeks of this month we had one of our operatives off which is great for me as if they take leave when we aren't so busy they are going to have less leave when we are busier and I don't have to provide cover at this time of year. So for two weeks we have had just three vans operating and then for the last two its been four. The way January normally works is that we are busy for the first couple of weeks then it becomes very slow with not so full days for the last two weeks. It has been like this for the few years. However this doesn't seem to have affected our turnover as we have done what we did last year and increased our prices at the beginning of December to allow for the busy December month, loosing a week off because of the Christmas period and the slower January, VAT increase and increase in petrol prices.


I have just been cleaning a couple of days a week too. Really I have been doing this so that I could take people interested in our franchise opportunity out in the van with me. We have had few people come down to see us at our office in Pill near Bristol. I have taken them out and they have seen what we do. So this is encouraging with a couple already booked in for the next two weeks I hope it continues. Really with the current redunancy climate I can see the interest hotting up :-).


So we have been quieter this last week which has meant the guys have only had a couple of jobs a day rather than the three or four. But as pay day seems to have been reached everything seems to be back on track for next week with already a lot of oven cleaning appointments made.

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