Oven cleaning business for sale Tamworth Staffordshire

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May 25

Our franchisee Roger Gellion, is looking to find a buyer for his business in  the

English: Tamworth Church, Tamworth, Staffordshire.

English: Tamworth Church, Tamworth, Staffordshire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tamworth Staffordshire area. He has bee running the business since October 2011 and has built up the business to have a strong customer base and it would a great businarea opportunity for someone looking to have a business that is up and running. So if you are thinking about changing from working in an office, or from a job you are finding stressful, or you have been made redundant and would like to get up and running in a new direction fast then have a think about this opportunity with OvenGleamers. Roger is currently busy and has a nice business but he would like to move south to Devon to be closer to his brother. So he wants to find a buyer for his business first and then he is looking to start in a new area with us in Devon.

If you are interested you would have to come and see  in the first incidence gives Catherine my wife a ring on 01275 370571, who will be able to give you more details.


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