Oven Cleaning at Christmas Time

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Oct 28

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Even though we aren't in November yet and the weather is wonderful and warm, a real Indian Summer, it's time to start about thinking about Christmas and a clean oven, range cooker, or AGA cooker. Do you really want to cook your Christmas meals in your oven with it being dirty? Do you really want people who are visiting (especially the Mother-In-Law) seeing the state of your oven? Really you want it to be clean so that you can see the food cooking through the door and cook your meals without the kitchen filling with smoke. So here is a reminder we get booked up for Christmas very quickly and with November being next week please think about getting your oven, range cooker, AGA cooker, extractor or hood, and microwave booked in with us, sooner rather than later, so you can be sure it will be cleaned before the festivities.

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