Aug 06

Now is our busy season cleaning lots of ovens in student accommodation ready for the new influx of students at the end of the Summer. Yes they do tend to be dirty but we usually get lots of jobs from one landlord and this means they are close together in the town. Landlords are getting wise to the fact that even students don’t want to move into their accommodation and find a greasy oven with last years burnt chips in it. We sometimes wonder if these ovens ever get cleaned during the student year as generally we are greeted by caked on over cooked pizza on the racks and two inches of grease in the ovens and grill pans. And don’t forget those disgusting spills of burnt on egg on the hobs! Before I forget the worst and potentially a fire hazard are greasy extractors; it’s great to see these gleaming like new with fresh new filters in them. All we need to do now is to educate students to use a cleaning cloth occasionally through out the year.

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