Oven Cleaning Tips for Christmas No 3

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Dec 24

If you find your oven is smoking, smelling or is just not upto a clean healthly standard and you feel a need to clean the oven right away over the Christmas Period, please think about it. Consider getting a professional in as soon as you can in the New Year as generally oven cleaning products bought in shops tend to have a caustic ingredient. These products should be used with extreme care; ensure that you follow the instructions given on them carefully. They may, if used incorrectly, take paint off your oven (especially SMEG ovens door sides). They will have very strong fumes and odour and if the cleaner is left too long, say overnight, it can damage the enamel in the oven. Do not forget to use gloves. The products are often acidic and contrary to popular belief, if the acid spills on you, you may not notice it right away. Meanwhile the acid is burning your skin and by the time you notice the irritation, the damage has been done.

So it would be best to get some one in who can get it back to its best without all this worry and fuss, call OvenGleam who will clean it without fumes using friendly cleaning products that don’t smell or cause harm.

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