Oven Cleaners Week Is Hotting Up

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Nov 09
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Well this week I am into my fourth consecutive week of training someone to become an oven cleaning business owner and I can report that it is getting a bit hectic. It's just not the cleaning its all the visits to the local Indian restaurant – we have an Indian restaurant three doors up from our office and its becoming the restaurant of choice for us and our 'guests' on their oven cleaning course. We have been five times in the last four weeks and there is still another three days of this course to go so it could be six by the end of the this week. Really I can't remember the last time that I went to an Indian restaurant to often – I think maybe I got close when I was working at a computer consultant in Manchester way back in 1996. There my hotel was next to Rusholme the famous Indian restaurant location of Manchester – the 'Curry Mile'.


Today after the night before, in the Indian Restaurant, I felt a tad off and I wasn't feeling too well. I think it was something to do with the alcohol as my body just can't cope with too much of it! As I have got used to eating very hot chillies it wasn't the food. This year I have been growing my own red chillies in my greenhouse and they are currently all very red and very very hot (if you've been reading my blogs I cleaned two Lacanche ranges at a house last year where the owner was using chillies to make chilli chutney – and he had chilli bushes growing everywhere and the guy was insistent on showing me them and giving me some chillies to take home and try). 


Today we went out and cleaned a double oven, 90cm hob and extractor in Bristol and then went all the way to Shaftesbury to clean a four oven AGA. This was a regular customer and we have been cleaning their AGA for the last four years.


Anyway after some coffee from the local Costa Coffee in Shaftesbury I was instantly back to oven cleaning readiness and raring to go. I cleaned the inside of ovens 3 and 4, of the AGA, and the inside of each of the four doors and Simon, who I was training, cleaned the rest of the AGA. At the end of the job the lady very kindly said that she hadn't seen it that clean since it was new; which I can remember is what she said to me the last time that I cleaned it! 


We are going to clean another AGA tomorrow this time a two oven AGA as Simon needs the practise as he has a four oven AGA booked into cleaned when he gets back to his own area.



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