Oven Cleaners Great Start

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Aug 24

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I have been out with our new oven cleaning operative, Matt, today and things are going very well. In fact we had a great day. The first job was booked in as a single oven but when we got there it was a double oven and the client wanted the hob and extractor cleaning as well. We managed to get it all done and the other two jobs for the day were relatively straight forward, a single oven, and a double oven plus hob. Matt did most of the works with me making sure that he was using the correct processes, using the correct systems and our standards were being met – i.e everything completely clean and gleaming.

In all a £265 day and we managed to finish all the jobs by 1500. So I was back in the office by 1515. 

This is the fifth operative I have trained this year so our training programme is now much in a routine and it looks like I can get some one trained up in the methods in a week and then get them really confident with another week of training.

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