Apr 26

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Sometimes I have had a dog in the kitchen with me when I have been cleaning the oven. I'm not sure why the owners let the dog stay in the kitchen or perhaps I should have said, should say something. I think I've mentioned Barry and Dave the two Jack Russel terriers before. They were the two dogs that decided to run through the kitchen at high speed when I was cleaning their owners range cooker. Then I had the chocolate labrador who decided to help me by licking the grease off the doors of the oven I had dismantled. Then there was another Jack Russell who decided to get his nose in the grease I had removed, I gave him a nudge and then realised that as he had a dirty hand print on him so I chased him around the kitchen to catch him to clean the mark off which was well entertaining and frustrating at the same time.

Anyway seems I wasn't alone as in last week's team meeting the guys came out with their oven cleaner's dog stories too. Alan had a rather large chocolate labrador, once, that sat right across the back of his legs when Alan was on his front cleaning a bit right at the back of the oven. Alan couldn't move with the weight – the owner had to get the dog off.

Nigel had a dog that had a wee over his leg, and another one that tried to "hump" his leg. He also had one that when he stroked it it did a very nice pile of pooh right there in the kitchen. Nigel cleaned it up!

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