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Mar 13

Here is an oven I cleaned last Thursday in Bristol and  it was a challenge but it turned out looking great. The pictures here do not really show how dirty it was at the beginning and it took a lot of work around the fan area. The oven had an aluminum area at the back behind the fan so it needed a bit of work to get all the carbon off of that. As the fan was stainless steel it came up perfectly well after being dipped in the tank. I dipped the self cleaning parts, all of them came out very easily with the side panels and ceiling panel just sliding out and the back panel had just four screws.

I am going to be cleaning ovens in Bristol every day this week. The reason for this, as you probably know I have only been doing a couple of days cleaning a week up to now this year, is that we were going to start a new employee on Monday and because of that we had booked in a whole week of work for me and him so that I could train him up. However, the job he currently in have asked him to stay for another week or so, so I won't be doing his training this week. But of course the ovens that we have booked in still need to be done. We can't transfer them to our operatives as they all of a fully booked week too. So really I can't complain we are busy and that is the way it goes some time. So it's off to work I go…



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