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Oct 05

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Well yesterday it was back to the oven cleaning business after two weeks away on holiday and it really it was a busy day.I spent the morning talking through our training course and giving a demonstration to someone who is very interested and things went very well. I used the single oven range that I have in my garage, or oven cleaning training centre I should say (well when I've spent some money on it).

Also there were a couple of technical problems to deal with. Mathew, on of our guys, had had problem with a door whilst we were away as when he put it back together it didn't close properly. So I have ordered a set of hinges for the door. This is the second set in three months and also the second set, of this type – it's one of those that has what I would describe as a dog leg action and it needs care when removing it -, in six years of operating. As both were caused by new operatives I have a feeling that the fault might be with me and the way that I have trained them to remove the hinges of this type. Or it might be a coincidence as these hinges do get problems as they get older. I check on Thursday when we have our weekly meeting.

The other problem was with an AGA that Hugo had cleaned. The customer is saying that when she went to re light the cooker it was sparking on the outside. Really I can't see this as being a problem with our cleaning as we make a point of not touching the controls of the AGA. I am going to have a look at the AGA on Friday so I be able to see for myself what the problem is.

Then in the afternoon I tried to help the sign company lady, Fiona, install our new signage. We use what used to be a shop as our office and after three years of using a banner on the window we have decided to go posh and put up some proper signs. But unfortunately we couldn't get the sign into the runners that it was supposed to go into. Fiona is going to get some help on Thursday so hopefully we will get it sorted then.

Then in the evening we got news from Nigel to say that he had badly cut his hand whilst doing some DIY at home. So we had to re do the jobs for today with me taking all his jobs.  First days back don't you just love them.

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