Dec 17
We are all getting exhausted from cleaning so many ovens, not that I am complaining. Last week I cleaned an AGA cooker a day and this week I have had lots of different sorts of ovens from range cookers to AGA cookers. Being an oven cleaner at Christmas time can be very tiring with all these ovens to be cleaned and after todays lot I am feeling more than a bit tired. As we are packing them in and also working on Saturdays it seems like being on a conveyor belt getting them all done. But soon it will be all over for Christmas. We tend to take the whole holiday period off so we will have time to get ourselves back together ready to get going again in the New Year.


So already we are making plans for next year and I am excited by the prospect of growing our business even more. We will be looking to take on a new member of staff in the first few months – depending on how demand pans out. But we still have capacity to take me off the spare van and get someone in to run this van. Then I will be looking for a new van, which will be interesting after this year's experience of trying to get a new van quickly. But lots to look forward to.

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