Oven cleaner toothbrushes.

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Aug 31

Here is a picture of a Selection of toothbrushes that I was in the Foyer of The Deep in Hull where we have been On holiday For the Last week. Really looking at this Selection I can’t see a good brush for oven cleaning. Really nothing beats the Tesco  Budget toothbrushes at 5p each or 10p a packet. Vie tried the  Cooper brushes ans they were rubbish as they Scratched the painted surfaces.

So a good brush for oven cleaning has to be:

1. Completely flexible so the head can move right back without breaking. The expensive ones break straight away when you pull them back, the cheap ones don’t.

2. Cheap to buy, why spend lots of money when you can get cheap ones that can be thrown away after use?


Oven cleaner toothbrushes.

Oven cleaner toothbrushes. (Photo credit: GrahamRogersOnline)


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