Oven Cleaner Starts Well

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May 23

Well it is a week since our new oven cleaner started and it looks like he is getting up to speed which means we will be able to book him in jobs next week. We just need to check him

English: Wheel Wrights Oven. The front of the ...

English: Wheel Wrights Oven. The front of the oven with both iron doors closed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

out on jobs and make sure that he is comfortable with the kit in his van and that he can heat it up at the start of the day, or overnight, and then he will be all set to go. For the last week he has been out with both me and the other guys so will have a good idea of what to do. My immediate impression when he started with me last week was that I wasn’t going to have any problems with him, he picked up taking the doors off and stripping down our Creda oven in the office, which I have had people really struggling with before now, and really was very keen to learn.  So tomorrow he will be doing the three jobs himself with our other operative close to hand just in case he has any problems and also to check the jobs out. We will then be able to see if we need to sort out any extra kit or not. From what I can remember everything should be in his van, but if not we are getting together tomorrow afternoon for our weekly meeting and we can sort out any problems then. So all being well he will be out next week on his own cleaning standard double and standard single ovens.

We’ll see how he gets on with that before giving him range cookers though this may be quick as he has been cleaning them in the last week and we will then give him some further training before we let him loose on cleaning AGA cookers.

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