May 11

OvenGleam Oven Cleaning Team 2009Image by Ivydale via Flickr

We have now set up a couple of things to improve the performance of our oven cleaning operatives. First of all we now are giving out the award of "Oven Cleaner of the Week". We are basing this on the feedback we are getting from customers and also the amount of work the guys are generating. We have now being doing this for two weeks and we have awarded it to Hugo for both weeks. In week one he got an up sell on a job that gave us another Ā£80. In week two he had three testimonials that were glowing.

We have also introduced the "van of the week" award. We have done this as we want the guys to keep on top of the vans, both on the outside and the inside. For both weeks John has won this award. There is a bit of unbalance here in that John has the brand new Citroen Berlingo so for him to keep it up together and looking smart is easy. But we are going to give the award to best improver too to allow the other guys to win it.

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