Oven and AGA Cleaning Cardiff

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Sep 13

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To update you on last week's trip to Cardiff. When I got there I had a great deal of trouble parking as the job was in an apartment in a block of flats near Cardiff Bay. There were parking places outside but even though there was a restriction of 2 hours on them the cars didn't seem to be moving. I did eventually get a space but it was a case of driving around for half an hour. The landlord of the flat told me that even though there was a restriction on the parking bays the traffic wardens didn't enforce them, hmm… that's okay then.

Anyway the job turned out to be a lovely job with a really dirty extractor which needed a lot of cleaning.

I again went to the Cardiff area yesterday (Saturday) and cleaned a lovely racing green AGA cooker near Cardiff airport. It came up looking sparkling and clean as new.

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