Oven cleaning business launch Cheadle South Mancheter

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Nov 06

Today we did an OvenGleamers business launch in Cheadle Royal Sainsbury's and John Lewis car park. So we are with the franchisee standing outside in the beautiful sunshine. A fabulous day amd lots of interest. We have got a pitch right outside the main entrance. We have had several enquiries about AGA cleaning. If are are looking to get  your oven hob range cooker or AGA cleaned in the South manchester cleaned give Peter Richardson a ring on 0161 850 999 now!

Also whilst in the area we had a look at Chips Away who were doing a business launch at Tesco's at Altrincham. We were being noisey just to see if Chips Away / Oven Clean do their business launches any differently. They had the same set up as us. Though they positioned their vehicle under the canopy. They didn't have a podium like ours but had a leaflet hanger on the legs of the marquee which we thought was a good idea. There were three guys at the marquee and a girl giving out leaflets at the bottom of the escalator. We did notice a very large number of leaflets thrown in the bin at the top of the escalator – it was full of them –  and in the bin outside the store. So even working on a numbers game it seems a good way to waste leaflets and money.

In all we got several bookings on the day and quite a few people showed interest.

As our franchisees usually get a weekend business launch we are going to go back in January to do another day to give Pete's business a boost in January which can be quiet.



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