Our Second New Oven Cleaning Operative

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Mar 23

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Yesterday our second new oven cleaning operative started. He is an experienced oven cleaner having worked for the Weston Super Mare Ovenu franchisee a while ago and when that business folded he started his own oven cleanig business called Oven Kleen which went out of business too about eighteen months later. So now to be working for Oven Gleam makes it, hopefully, third time lucky.

Yesterday we started the oven cleaning training by going through all the paperwork which now means the operative reading all the Health and Safety stuff we have put together and getting it signed up. Then we went through the process we have to clean an ordinary oven and then through the process to clean an AGA cooker. As my AGA cooker at home is cold at the moment (it has a problem see my other posting) we cleaned that together yesterday afternoon and now it is gleaming in our kitchen all beautiful and claret – what a fantastic AGA cooker colour! We now just need to get it fixed.

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