Our New AGA & eco friendly AGA Cleaning

By Graham Rogers | Uncategorized

Jan 16

We’ve just bought a new splendid Claret 30 Amp Electric AGA. We wanted an AGA in our new kitchen and looked at the different variations. This is my third AGA in three different houses. My first one was a reconditioned standard Cream AGA with an oil conversion which was fine for a while until the burners started getting bunged up with carbon deposits and the ovens started loosing heat – something which appears to be a common thing see www.tradcookers.co.uk. This is  because of the poor quality of oil sold in the UK; after we sold the house the first thing the new owners did was to take it out! The next one I had was a brand new Racing Green Gas AGA with power flue and this is fine and is still running fine (we rent the house out). We chose the electric one for our current house because of two reasons the costs of ownership of the Electric one are cheaper – no servicing costs and the installation costs were cheaper – no flue needs to be installed. The problems with installing an oil one would have been siting the oil tank, and we would have problems with installing any flue and from my previous experience I didn’t want to have one again. We did considered the gas with the power flue, and the 13Amp electric one but the running costs of the 30 Amp one are a lot cheaper. I reason I got into cleaning ovens was that I wanted to clean my AGA and from that developed an AGA cleaning method that was very effective using eco friendly using products approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association that are vegetable based.  We now clean all types of ovens, and cookers. and a large number of AGAs in the South West and get recommendations from most of the AGA showrooms in the area.

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