Nov 30

We have been getting lots of interest in our Eco Oven Cleaning Cloths. Many of our clients have become interested in our cloths as they have noticed us using them over the past year and want to know how they produce such amazing results. I have to admit the amazing results can only be partially attributed to these super cloths. The rest is from the skill and application of our specially designed oven cleaning process.


The General Purpose Cleaning Cloth

Use for polishing, dusting, cleaning, wiping up, wiping down. No need for harsh chemicals, brilliant cleaning results with no chemical detergents, just water and a cloth?


Millions of tiny microfibres penetrate every nook and cranny, picking up and absorbing dirt with nothing more than the aid of a little water.  Use wet or dry for gleaming bathrooms, kitchens and wonderfully clear windows. For more stubborn areas use a small amount of your usual cleaning product with the Eco-cloth and see the difference.  Can be washed repeatedly and still retain its excellent cleaning properties.  The Eco-cloth will pay for itself many times over.

Used daily by a number of leading appliance manufacturers, hotel chains and celebrity chefs as well as OvenGleam, your local domestic Oven Cleaning company.  OvenGleam can be contacted on 0800 45 82 357 or visit the website at


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